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The History of the P2P Alliance

The History of the P2P Alliance

In 2018, the P2P Alliance was founded by a coalition of bipartisan P2P providers and users of peer-to-peer (P2P) text messaging services for schools, non-profits, and other groups. The P2P Alliance lobbied and filed an FCC petition for clarification, asking the Commission to clarify that texts sent via a particular type of peer-to-peer messaging platform are not subject to the TCPA’s restrictions. The P2P Alliance described the relevant text messaging platforms as ones that enable two-way text communication require a person to send each text message manually.

In 2020, the P2P Alliance obtained a landmark ruling when the FCC issued a declaratory ruling addressing the issues raised in their petition. The FCC ruled that two-way text communication requiring a person to send each text message manually does not constitute an autodialer under the TCPA.

P2P Collective History

In response to 10DLC and the growing need for an industry group to champion the interests of the P2P texting sector and to proactively address emerging challenges and technological advancements, the P2P Collective was established in recent years. Led by Peerly Inc., a nonpartisan provider and advocate of free, open, and responsible P2P technology, the P2P Collective was committed to promoting responsible messaging and ensuring the continued relevance of P2P texting as a communication channel in politics.

Merger and Formation of a Super Industry Group

In a significant move in 2024, leading P2P texting providers initiated the P2P Alliance for Responsible Political Texting, merging the P2P Collective with the ethos of the P2P Alliance. This new non-partisan supergroup is dedicated to promoting responsible texting practices and tackling current and emerging industry challenges. Distinct from its predecessors, the P2P Alliance for Responsible Political Texting builds on the foundational principles of the earlier groups to enhance the impact and reach of P2P messaging in political communications.

We welcome applications from political texting vendors who share a commitment to responsible messaging and growing the alliance.

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